Sunday, October 16, 2016

Day 242: October 16, 2016 Where have all the wise men gone, long time passing?

October 16, 2016
Day 242

Where have all the wise men gone, long time passing? 

As time chases to the election I stall to the booth. I am at a loss. I pick petals off a daisy uttering, I vote you, I vote you not. But I am wondering, did I miss something? Are these really our candidates?

If these are the two, I see them as one as the same. For starters, Hill loves emails, Don loves femails. One deletes and the other should. Oh, but they have more in common than that. People say that we are are choosing between the lesser of two evils. That's gotta hurt. Poor Don and Hill can't seem to catch a break.

Clearly, both Don and Hill had no idea they were attending debates, let alone who that person was sitting at the big dinning room looking table interrupting their quarrels. What are moderators for other than to be ignored? I had playground flashbacks watching those two.

They have made it to the top. Of what? Who knows? It's something and it's the top and it is all they've ever wanted. Let's let them stay at this top and quietly leave. C'mon, let's go. They'll be fine.

Honestly, don't you think it is fitting that these two are the final contestants. This country was not looking for another reality show. Though it has the look and feel of make believe. And we are not talking Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood.

I'm looking for Bob Barker and door number three. This would be the year. This would be the year.

Regardless of my uncertainity and uneasieness - I am voting. It is my right and my privilege. And as I close that curtain, I plead the fifth.
See you at the polls.

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