Sunday, October 30, 2016

Day 249: October 30,2016 Unrest, Unraveling

October 30, 2016
Day 249

Unrest, Unraveling

There is unrest, unravelling, and a rush to emotional stability amidst uneven pieces. We are overwhelmed, underwhelmed, unsure and too sure. We want to throw our trust into the safest place possible but we are desperately looking for that spot.

Early morning, from a nightmare, I wake in terror. I am desperately calling to pedestrians walking towards the public pool in the middle of a town common. She dives into the pool, blond haired, fine tuned, but a weak swimmer. I am the strong swimmer with super human powers and I dive in to rescue her only to discover blood cur-tiling fear. She swims toward me with a concentrated look of regret. I am confused. She is being forced and she wants me somehow to know this for she cannot communicate. Her voice is not in her control. She is slowly swimming with the intent to kill. Me. To the core I am frightened. I scream, beg for help, but my voice is weak.

I dodge her robotic methodical evil advances. My powers can take her down but something is holding me back. She is advancing, slowly, and I am attempting to scream but they are feeble. In terror I awake.

The unrest, the unravelling, a rush to stability, the overwhelmed, the underwhelmed, the unsure and too sure is underneath the surface. My surface. When I awake early I look to my phone for the time and then I check twitter. Twitter feeds me breaking news. This morning I follow #TheCourageConference of which my dear friend Pam is attending. This conference is a call to churches committing to safety within the Body. I follow a tweet that leads me to an article about Brock Turner, the young man who rapes an unconscious woman. I read what she speaks to him at the trial. I read about a woman sexually assaulted. I begin to feel and see my dream as an enigma. These articles should have been the precursor, instead they are the follow up.

The church as it stands is unsafe. The powerful in the pool swim powerless. The weak swimmers are terrifying the strong. The enemy is using the blond woman's face for he wants us to forget the spiritual world of evil intent, the principalities. Instead he lures us to focus on people. With fear he tries to render powerless the strong swimmer.

The strong are calling out to humans and not relying on their inner strength of the Holy Spirit, God within, Jesus moving His Body to rescue His Body. The weak swimmer can not kill. But the strong can move in feet first and help the weak one to safety. We must not call out to humanity, to the pedestrians walking by. We must call out to the living God who lives within. We must depend on the strength of the Holy Spirit.

What a dream! What a message! What a call! What an awakening! May we use the power of the Holy Spirit to rescue the weak and create safety within our church walls.

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