Friday, February 13, 2015

Day 39 Fun Day

February 13, 2015
Day 39

This day was loaded with fun. Arrived at 7:55 am-ish at Robyn's for the Wider High School. Spent time with Amanda and Anna (the others were not there) breezing first through the newspapers then moving on to goal setting. Drove to Melissa's to pick up Anna and Amanda's papers involving the Feminist theory using a book of their choice. Blasted off with some Wider Middle School  students to Tel Hai to hear a park ranger speak about the 1777 - 1778 encampment at Valley Forge park. The speakers that Frank Cymbolo arrange have been quite interesting, and the park ranger did not disappoint. Went shopping at Walmart to send a care package to one of our Wider Middle School students in CT where her grandmother is critically ill. The package was packed with well wishes from her classmates on Tuesday. I came home and cleaned up the kitchen and enjoyed chatting with one of my favorites in life, Brian Licitra. I sat for a while and thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon sun playing in my living/dining room. Robyn called and put a shout out for Theo saying that he might enjoy a visit from some new faces. Jesse and I hopped in the car to kill two birds with one stone. Jesse goes to Action on Friday and so we went to drop him off first. Tonight he was going to have a go at drums for worship. Stopped by Theo's house where his Auntie Nicky had been all day. Theo had fallen asleep. Nicky transferred the little boy to me and he continued to sleep. I then left to go out to dinner with Lynn. We had been given gift cards to Ruby Tuesdays. This is a restaurant we do not frequent. But will now! The food was fabulous! Had a fun visit with Matt and Mary Burke who were at Ruby Tuesday as well. Came home picked up Jesse at Action, picked up Nicky at Theo's. Nicky and I then went to Walmart and came home to a room full of Geoff's buds. Great day!

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