Friday, February 27, 2015

Day 53 Genius

February 26, 2015
Day 53

Every student is gifted and every student has special needs. Every student deserves a plan just for them based just on them. Every student has a unique bent that is only theirs. Tonight there was Elizabeth with her book and poetry, Zach with his marble roller he constructed himself. Reagan had her animation and stop motion project and Hayley had her stop motion movie. Mallory had her new youtube channel featured and Zach Peterson had his super human drawings. Nathan had his stop motion lego movie while Amanda had her book binding projects. Chris had his sketch up projects and Anna had her photography. Jesse had his mock tree house and the plans and Josiah had his wooden knives. Grace had her tie-dye while Ben had his quadcopters computer program and Lydia had her beginnings of a novel. Stella had her fabric she had designed and her dress she made while Cassie had her two short stories. Gabrielle had her choreographed ballet dance while Abby had her baked goods where she learned the science behind it. Nicky Sue had her silk screen projects and Hannah had Ansel Adams featured. Anna had her lavender projects and Sydney had her goat milk. Cayden had his game design and Taylor had her paper hot air balloon.  Daniel had his superconductor information.

Tonight was remarkable. To have a view into the interest of these students was a privilege!