Monday, February 23, 2015

Day 49 Time Travel

(Jesse and Joseph)
February 23, 2015
Day 49

Tonight I traveled back in time. I did. In fact, not only did I travel back in time but I was in space (it just was not outer). I went to CA tonight and will go back tomorrow. My buddy Joey and I spoke as we traveled through time and distance. It was so easy.  Oh, Google, you are something.

Tomorrow, I will bring eleven students with me to CA for a tour of the Masten Space Systems where Joseph Oberholtzer works as an engineer. I have known this man since he was a baby. Watching him grow has been pure pleasure. Having my son grow up along with him and his family has been an honor. Oh, the stories and oh, the fun! His mom and I did not let much stop us even with all the kids we had to drag along. I needed someone who did not mind adventure or getting dirty. Janet, Joe's mom, was up for all of it.

Tomorrow is a field trip of a lifetime and so easy. There will be no jetlag, no worry over losing students, no worry about getting back in time. All we need to do is answer a call and soak in interesting information.

We are studying robotics and these students will be able to see up close and personal robots in action, at work.  My high interest in this subject is not matched by my experience, my skill set, or my math proficiency. But that has never stopped me and it certainly will not now.

Students, where are we going with Robotics? You seem mighty interested.  And I would have to wonder if you were not!


  1. Cool - technology is great... both robotics and google.
    Glad you and Joe were able to make this happen.

  2. It was great having you all visit the shop. You have some smart kids. That's a good picture.