Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Day 44 Phone Etiquette-I Don't Have

February 18, 2015
Day 44

"Carry the *!*! phone with ya!" so says Lynn.

I forgot it in the car tonight.

"But no news is good news, right?" I reply.

"No, you say that but it is not totally true." Lynn volleys back.

"How so?" I question.

"If you are running into a problem I would rather have you call me about it than wait for the emergency crew to pick you up off the road." Lynn retorts.

"How can I call you before an accident, like you're suggesting?" is my silly reply, trying to joke a bit here. It's get real serious, real quick, when we discuss my lack of phone etiquette. He doesn't think I'm funny.

"The biggest thing for me is to get in touch with you if I know conditions are potentially a problem and you are running late," Lynn says.

"I appreciate that, Lynn! I do love you and am thankful that I have one person who is waiting for me, what an honor," I say to him.

"You have somebody who cares enough to call to see if everything is ok,"  He responds.

"Yes, I just said that!" I reply back.

"If you get five calls when you are out be thankful that we can keep in touch and get answers when we need them." He says, again.

"You are right, I will keep my phone with me at all times," I promise.

"Thank you," he says.

"Make choices to be aware of your phone," he tells me.

"What allows you to always know where your phone is?" I query.

"Choices, I choose to be aware of it." He responds.

"Oh, yeah, I gotta remember that, make choices of awareness," I reply.

Note to self - remember!  It's gonna be tough.

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