Thursday, February 19, 2015

Day 45 Robot and Frank

February 20, 2015
Day 45

After Lynn and I came home from watching a riveting basketball game where Jesse's team won, Jesse and I unwound in front of the television. We watched "Robot and Frank." Frank is a retired cat burglar. I will not suggest this movie to my students as we are exploring the subject of robots, but boy I sure did enjoy it.

As I watched this movie with my son I thought of this: a world where robots no longer exist only in science fiction, where drones populate the lower level air space, where cars drive themselves is HERE. This is Jesse's world. He will be thinking of the ethical nature, the theological implications, and the place robots should play in his everyday life.  I might be too tired for that.

The robot had to convince Frank that the he was just a robot, not a live person. Frank's refusal at first of the need for the robot, by the end, turned into a friendship. However, the robot was not a friend but a slave. Much to dwell on.

"Jesse, what do you think about this film?" I asked him.

He does not want to say anything. He is too tired. I am going to get him to bed. However, Jesse does have one thing to say. He wants you to pray for him, he is not feeling the best. Yes, it is late and yes, Jesse should be in bed, and yes, Jesse is my sixth child and yes, that is not a good excuse. No excuse.

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