Friday, February 6, 2015

Day 32 Deadly Expectations vs. Peaceful Gratitude

Deadly Expectations vs. Peaceful Gratitude
February 6, 2015
Day 32

Gratitude is to fulfillment as expectations are to depression.

As expectations increase so rises the treacherous mountain.
As an expectation is unmet so goes the fall.
The higher the expectation the higher the mountain and the higher the fall.

This has nothing to do with risk-taking.
A fall from taking risks is instructive, often painful, but still a moment of truth.

A fall from an unmet expectation is hallow, haunting and hurtful.

I like it here at the bottom.
Contentment is refusing to allow expectations rise like yeast in dough.

Gratitude looks back, reflects over God's goodness. This is where expectation can be unbridled, allowed to roam in the meadow of God's grace. Always expect God to be Good. Always allow Him to express His goodness on His terms.

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