Sunday, February 22, 2015

Day 48 Genius Hour

February 22, 2015
Day 48

Genius Hour is scheduled into the Wider Student's day. The students determine a project of what they want to do, what they want to learn about, or what they want to know. Then we have a Genius Hour night. They stand at their booth and communicate their projects via display and conversation.  It might not fall under an academic subject or it might, its their decision and we honor that. For our inaugural Wider School year, we instituted Genius Hour based on John and Lori Spahr's suggestion. It proved successful. The projects were inspiring and as unique as each individual. Young people are amazing.

This year we incorporated it again into our school year. Nicole is silk screening, everything. I am so looking forward to her project. She is self-motivated so there is no cajoling her, hands off for me. Today she did her last minute shopping for this coming Friday.

Jesse, on the other hand, much like his parents (though I am not like this anymore and I will not speak for Lynn) has procrastinated. So today, both he and his father were finishing his project. He is doing a prototype of the treehouse he would like to build in our stately maple tree in the backyard. Projects are wonderful and the Genius Hour is genius.


  1. oh love that Jesse..and genius hour!

  2. Zach is really bummed he will be missing it, but I can't wait to see everyone's projects. :-)

  3. Really glad you are coming Angel! And we are REALLY bummed but he's pretty pumped about the retreat and that is awesome!