Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Day 100 Why Am I Writing

April 15, 2015
Day 100

One hundred days of writing every day has been one hundred days of committing to write every day. Though this statement is far from profound this writing challenge has been truly impactful. Denys Allen (sounds like Denice) put forth this challenge to me, "just show up and write every day." Why? Did she know anything about me? Not much, she barely knew me. But it has been this challenge that has kept me showing up everyday and today is the hundredth day. Something else made her encourage me to do this. I just know it!

Everyday I am thinking, processing and enjoying the process of writing something. This helps me hone in on my craft, work on the art of writing. I am not building a platform, that would be too much work. I am simply trying to write with less words, more concise words and attempting to convey my thoughts succinctly.

You tend to like the writings that are gut level honest. I can hardly be anything but. And this is when I hear from you folks. Sometimes I want to give you more of that because I like it when you respond. However, my purpose is not to write so that you will respond. I want to write different genres because I, well, I want to.

So thank you Denys. You were used in my life to "show up."

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