Sunday, April 5, 2015

Day 90 He's the Best

April 5, 2015
Day 90

Today I am married to a fifty-seven year old dude. Fifty-seven. What the hey day? He is three years away from being sixty, geesh. Earlier this week we had a "talk." One amongst the many during our almost thirty years of marriage. It could be distilled into one word with an exclamation point, "C'MON!" And then you could add, "Let's get moving!"

He has listened to many of my speeches, sermons, and riveting motivational talks. I love giving these insightful lectures.  Because, baby, "I know!" You bet, "I know!" And frankly, I think I have always known. My confidence has never been lacking. And it has helped my definition of helpmate which has never had anything to do with the church lady's definition. My definition can be translated by a swift kick to the back end.  I love to help, I always have.

Lynn is a silent guy. It doesn't sit well with me. Ya gotta talk, and at age 57, well I'm still gonna hammer him to open the mouth and let it out. Who knows I might someday regret this but until the guy starts doing it I am not shutting up. You would think this is motivation enough, but, I'm convinced of this; he loves me to the core and, likewise, every word I have to say.

There has not been one day of our marriage that I have not felt free to be me. Not one single day! There are many women, many of whom I know, who are not able to say this. They hold back.  Lynn, however, has always allowed me to be me. He gets a trophy for this because I am a force to contend with.

The last "chat" the other day was clear and to the point. It hit. This man of fifty seven years understands the need to listen to counsel and this week he did just that. He needed to. We have things to do, people to see, and a God to serve!

Some of you, alright, most of you are shaking your head and saying, "poor Lynn, man what he has to put up with." And you are absolutely correct, he does have to put up with it, and I do feel sorry for him!  But my man, Lynn, would only say to those individuals (I'm sure it is not you!), "I love this girl! I need her to keep me straight!" I can bet my last dime on this assertion!

Last night over dinner, just the two of us (thank you Bev for calling and asking for Jesse, thank you Robyn for providing extra time for Nicky), we agreed how privileged we are in our marriage. We agree about most things, we want the same things, and we understand where our collective weaknesses lie! We do not take any of this for granted!

Time is flying by! It was only yesterday I was wondering when the heck he was going to propose, he took so blooming long! And now look, we are going to be twenty-nine years into the marriage come August. But today I will wish my man a happy birthday and I will ask God to smile upon him favorably and expand our coffee buisness and his influence in his family and in his community. There is a lot riding on the person of Lynn Burkholder. Someone has to keep him in line! It is my honor and my privilege!

I love you Lynn, always have and always will.


  1. Sorry we missed saying goodbye to you! Happy Birthday Lynn!!

  2. And you just summed up our marriage here - lol!