Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Day 114 Children

April 29, 2015
Day 114

To be with children all day long is simply a pleasure and an honor. I love their uniqueness, their insights, their conversations, their flare, their dance moves, their contemplative thoughts, their laughter, their expressive faces and I especially love their prayers.

Tuesday I received a call during the Wider School (a homeschool offering my daughter and I began two years ago) from Brian Licitra telling me to pray for his newborn, Annabelle. This little darling was born at 6:58 am on Tuesday morning and the birth was a bit traumatic for the wee little one. Her lungs did not fully inflate and she had to be hooked up and whisked away from her mommies arms that had been aching to simply hold her.

He called at 9 am and they still had not heard how their newborn was faring, it was troubling to Brian who does not get unnerved by much. Brian, like my husband, is a nurturing father, very loving to his children. I promised him that we would pray and that I would spread the need for prayer like wildfire.

The children all know the Licitra's and were thrilled to hear of Annabelle's birth, they were incredulous that she had been born. They had no idea that Elizabeth (Mrs. Licitra to them) had been induced, so Annabelle was early. These children knew enough to know that. But when I told them there were complications and that we needed to pray they became immediately concerned and dead serious.

I told them anyone could pray and I would close. Right out of the gate, their prayers piled up one on top of another. There was no pausing between one person's prayer and the next. They were on it, calling out to God for healing, for peace, for patience. You name it, they prayed for it!

These children brought me to tears. I could squeeze each one of them. They lead me to greater places!

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  1. thank you for providing the space to allow these sweet offerings.