Saturday, April 11, 2015

Day 96 A Sacred Space

Maggie Robbins

April 11, 2015
Day 96

An entire post was written. I submitted it at 12 pm on April 11, 2015. Then it vanished. I am not sure what happened to the post. I tried to retrieve it. But I am left with only this option; to try and rewrite what I just wrote. In light of the fact that all day was spent saying to my friend Maggie, after each interruption,"now what were we talking about", means the retelling will be a challenge. Oh, this frustrates me.

Today was a sacred day. A sacred place and space with Maggie Robbins, my dear friend from 1978 till 2015. The day was full and overflowing. She is loved hard by all of our family members as they have known her since they were infants. She wisps into our lives and out again, each time adding depth and beauty. Today she left us with rings, bracelets, earrings and what nots, such pretty pieces of jewelry she passed into our hands. We love treasures.

Maggie came to Jesse's game. She and I traveled alone and met the others at his game. Our time there, however, was brief to non existent, the setting sun left a chill in the air, it was too cold. Our travel home was winding and beautiful. She and I love car rides and have experienced many together. She has a definite led foot and as she is rushing around the corners I marvel at her command of the wheel.

We enjoyed a salmon dinner made by Kathryn and Robyn filled with other entrees. The table was full and overflowing with only dear Geoff missing. He is too "almost eighteen" for these events. He did have time earlier to thrill us with an adventure that he had just experienced. He transported from Sheetz to Gilbertsville an Albanian man, eighty years old, who fluently spoke five languages. That's my boy living God moments, or so we hope.

We ended the night with only Kathryn, Robyn, Maggie and I speaking of things better left for the day. We had ourselves spooked. But not for long, laughter always fills the space. I am so thankful for these wonderfully rich times with Maggie and my family! She is a friend I cherish, a friend I have known since I was fourteen years old, a friend who encourages me to run the race and run it hard! Our time was a sacred space and for that I am grateful!

Look up her book on Amazon: "Enjoy The Silence A 30 Day Experiment to Listening to God"

Enjoy the Silence: A 30- Day Experiment in Listening to God (invert)