Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Day 99 He Never Stops

August 14, 2015
Day 99

The boy does not stop. He goes from one thing to the next never in need of contemplative moments. "Mom, can I call Zach?" And thank goodness Zach lives so close and has a mom who is open to self invites!  "Mom, let's watch the Flash!" "Mom, don't pick me up early." "Mom, look! Mom, look at this!"

Ok, for the millionth time I will look at something that somebody else wants me to." Kids could care less if you are turned the other way, in another room or another state for that matter. They know you will look. You have to, you are their mom.

He bounces balls as long as he can get away with it before we yell, "STOP!!!!!!!!!!! IT!!!!!!!" It is constant. Please, son, go outside. But there is no safe pavement for him to bounce. His look pleads. He knows if he waits the mandatory ten minutes he can start up again and bounce another ten minutes before it registers with his old parents! Such is the life of boys.

"Mom, I need a haircut!" The kid's hair grows overnight like dandelions!  He had at least five to ten good haircuts before the age of two. All of those cuts were snipping away at curls swallowing his face. A haircut makes a difference for him.

Today he made me take him to Great Clips. The woman looked at me and asked me how I wanted her to cut his hair. "He knows what he wants," was all I needed to say. And off he went to a sailbooth to begin the discussion.

Jesse is the fountain of youth. He keeps Lynn and I active. Friday nights you do not go to bed early, you have to pick him up from his youth activity. Saturdays are sporting events. He is the youngest and thankfully so. Watching him play sports is a blast. 

It is a little hard to finish this post. He is looking over my shoulder. He should be in bed. I should be in bed. But we are not. Oh, Jesse!

I love to laugh with him. I love to be with him. I love to shop with him. I love to walk with him. I love to camp with him. I love to talk to him. I love to think with him. I am planning on living till I am 120 so that I can still be with him when he is 80! We have plans.

But for now, I will say, every woman in her fifties should have a boy around eleven!

Hey, Jesse, do you want to go upstairs to bed, now? 
Nope! (that's him typing)

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