Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Day 279 He Knows and Loves You Still

October 13, 2015
Day 279

Certain people bring out certain things. There are those with whom you are free. And there are those with whom you are guarded. There are some with whom you are free and then quickly guarded. You forget and they surprise you every time. You never see it coming, but it comes. You find yourself working hard at relaxing.

There are some around whom you speak freely. There are others you know not to say too much. There are many who give you freedom to vent. There are many who restrict your flow of conversation.

There are contexts in which you shine and others in which you pale. But there is ONE who allows you to be who you are before you are who you are. He is the ONE who knows everything you say before you know what you will be saying. He accepts you completely and with kindness. Though He sees everything, He still loves you.

He knocks before He enters. And He waits for you to open the door. Do you know what He wants to do? Dine with you. (Rev. 3:20, 21) I beg to differ when I hear a preacher from the pulpit ask a question like - "Does God need your love?" And they answer the question they just posed by saying, "No." Fellowship is part of the God head. He wants to dine with you.

Go ahead, do it. It's the best fellowship there is. He sees all of you and still wants all of you.