Saturday, October 17, 2015

Day 283 My Eldest the Elder

October 16, 2015
Day 283

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Quick Draw Lynne, my guns are always loaded. No, I do not need time to process my thoughts.
Yes, you need time to recover from my thoughts. It is my Eldest, the true Elder of the tribe, who often redirects me. Geesh, I'd be wandering in a wilderness if it were not for her.

Recent phone call with the Elder...

Me: Robyn I am writing a letter.
Robyn: Why?
Me: Because I am. The universe is waiting.
Robyn: Ok.
Me: It is. You know it is. They must know my thoughts.
Robyn: Mom, I would really love to talk about this. But I would like to spend some time with RJ.
Me: Of course.

End of phone call. I am left thinking. Who needs my letter or all the other letters stuck in the bottom of the drawer - words pointed and full of punch. Who needs them?

Me: You know, maybe I will delete the letter.
Myself: Robyn is right.
Me: She usually is.
Myself: Yes, I am deleting the letter.
Me: She didn't say anything.
Myself: I know, but I know what she is thinking....

He shows up.

God: Lynne, tell them to me.
Me: What?
God: Your thoughts.
Me: Oh, yeah, I could do that.
God: I can handle all your angst.
Me: It's kinda a lot.
God: I know. I see your angst stockpiled.
Lynne: So sorry.
God: No problem.
Lynne: Thanks.
God: Hey Lynne.
Lynne: Yeah?
God: I know how to work this stuff out. Trust me on this one.
Lynne: <sigh>

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