Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Day 300: Nov. 3, 2015 Trinity

Nov. 3, 2015 Trinity
Day 300

YOU ARE NOT ORDINARY! Someone may have said that to you, do not believe one word of it! YOU ARE NOT ORDINARY! Please repeat after me: I AM NOT ORDINARY! Shout it, I AM NOT ORDINARY!

Some of your most trusted humans will encourage you to think that you are ordinary. Some will do this subtly, some will do this obnoxiously, some will do this unwittingly, some will do this by simply paying you no attention. No matter their modus operandi, know, they are doing it from a place of pain, not love. It stems from unrest.

So, pray for them, but do not believe them to be true when they say you are ordinary. This is not from the Father, Son or Holy Spirit. The Trinity welcomes you into their inner being. They ask you to plop down and sprawl out as you would amongst your most trusted friends, the ones who know you and love you still.

Listen, and please listen well. The Trinity has chosen you to play on the team, to be part of the spectacular, the magnificent. You are given the first seat. You are asked to be on the panel. You are invited into the boardroom, You are ushered up to first class. You are walked down the aisle to the front row. You are asked to sit at the table of honor. You are led into the room with closed doors to sit amongst the best. You are brought up on stage to be with the brightest of the brightest. You are driven in the most luxurious car. You are brought into the place where all things originate. You are led to the banquet table with food beyond belief and description dripping with flavor. You are led to all things free, all things energized. You have been invited to come and live at the source of all living things. You are offered a place among the true and only originators.

You are invited to be within the most creative and loving triangle of the Trinity. But how can you handle such fanfare, such opulence, such regality, such singularity, such honor? The enemy could not. He had to be thrown out. He wanted to occupy the space within the triangle without the intimacy and dependency of the Triune. He wanted a go of it, alone.

So then, how can I handle it? How can you?

The Trinity, through their beloved son, Jesus, offered us the way to the best and most trusted place within their inner circle. He silently walked the path of shame. For you. For me. He cleansed our entire body as He shed His powerful life sourced blood on the splinter filled cross. And now He washes our feet and asks us to be feet washers with Him.

The more we learn of this fellowship of love and trust, the more we want to follow and obey the ways of the Triune God. We desire to keep close to the warm fire of the Holy Trinity. We wash feet because we love the fellowship. We are drawn closer and closer in to the inner circle and workings through obedience and humility, washing feet.

We love the warmth.