Thursday, November 12, 2015

Day 309 Blocked Path

November 12, 2015
Day 309

It is a tangled mess. Wires, brambles, vines, thickets, prickers, poison, branches, snags, logs, they all flood and mar the path. It takes work to get through, hard work and you are  often left with scratches, scraps and thorns. Many give up, they turn back assuming that if you wanted to be seen, you would have cleared the path, not have made it so hard.

But you are in pain. You are hurt. You lack security. Somebody broke some promises to you. You distrust. 

A follower of Jesus plods through. They might be slow, they might take a few, they might grow weary, but they move ahead. They push aside, stomp down, and walk over all that is in the way. Their motivation? You. 

Love sees through thickets, thorns and brambles. Love sees you.

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