Thursday, February 4, 2016

Day 35: February 4, 2016 Sweet Spot

February 4, 2016
Day 35  Sweet Spot

Yes, I absolutely love my son's music. What a blast to watch him, on stage, from his teenage years to his adulthood, swaying and swooning a crowd.  But this particular cover screams to me over the rest. It has me on the dance floor with my hands held high! Now, we're talking son. Now, we're talking. I'm buckling in and ready for the thrill ride.

From little on I spoke with him of the ill effects and sad state of affairs of fame. Never did I speak of this with any of the other children, just Christopher. Uttering how fame spits you out bare boned and empty after promising offers it could never deliver is often what the boy would hear, often!

"Nobody knows the Trouble I've have Seen" is an old gospel song. And now, Chris has rocked this tune into a new arena! I love this. The energy I feel is intense. Keep it up, Son!

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