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Day 59: February 28, 2016 Suzanne- I Love You!

February 28, 2016
Day 59  Suzanne - I Love You!

Suzanne Harrington Treichler is a strong woman. Today is the day God graced planet earth with her presence.

She has utilized this life well despite some of the ups and downs along the way that would have taken another individual out of the game. Not Suzanne! She knows how to help you up and out of depression for she walked that lonely road and did it with finesse. She shares deeply and with authenticity. She is a woman of exceptional qualities. She has never had a need to "fit in" and therein lies her strength.

As a little girl I remember so many things she shared with me. Things she wished someone would have shared with her. But instead I was the beneficiary and so much of her insights flow over to my husband, my children, my church and my community. More than once I have shared, "Feelings are neither right nor wrong, they just are." What freedom has been given to so many with this phrase.

She is the one who encouraged me to pay attention to the leading of the Holy Spirit. She is the one who has encouraged me to live high on faith. "When in doubt, don't." This apt phrase has kept me out of many trying situations. I am also the one in the group who shares honestly and only to understand that many times I am sharing the group's sentiments which they were to afraid to share. This is a direct result of Suzanne's wealth of life insights.

She always hopped in bed with me when I was afraid - this was not just when I was little.... She took such good care of me when I was sick. She would heed my call from school and bring me new clothes, yes! She would do this for me. There were no cell phones. She knew if I called I was really struggling. She loved well and some would have called this enabling. She knew it was healing. It was mom - I can never thank you enough for that.

Her meals were balanced and regular and this was when she struggled with depression - who knew this could be done? She enjoyed simple things and passed this on to me. She has always been herself and has given me the freedom to just be me. Why try to fool anyone? Just be you.

There was a time when she tried wood working and created amazing christmas ornaments. She owned a metal detector, much to Doug's and my embarrassment - she cared less about what we thought. She loved trying new things, who cares what others think! I love that about Suzanne. She collected baseball cards. Maybe someday she will cash in on that collection? She did what she wanted. She refinished furniture as a young bride, many of which I find in my home. She took really good care of her material possessions but not with a sense of stupid pride, just honoring what she had been given.

She talked all the time of God's goodness and this in the face of some very personally hard times. She walked alone in the midst of many people on many occasions but never without her God. For her relationship to Him has been such an abiding one. She cares not for theological discussions that are too heavenly minded to be of any earthly good. She is real and she applies everything to daily life.

There are hundreds who have benefitted from her care and her desire to help. Years ago she was making a decision to go big with her home day care - should it be a ministry in a church or privately owned. Thirty years later it is still a thriving ministry in a church. Her daycare was known throughout the state of Rhode Island. The daycare she had in her home would make a woman bent on staying home with her children - CHANGE HER MIND!

Suzanne's daycare was filled with wonder, adventure, regularity, and gobs of love. Your child might come home with a hair cut. You were not considered. Suzanne just cut and you appreciated, for you had no other option. Your child also had videos, which you probably still have to this day. Videos with a sound track of Suzanne's comments - her commentating was priceless. She had a lovely cart that fit eight children. She would place them in this cart and take them on an adventure filled stroll that always ended in someone's back yard to feed their pet bunny. Suzanne is good at simple adventures filled with wonder.

Suzanne is a nurse, though not trained - that would have been too confining. She is a caretaker and the stories are the best. One day she called Bob to help her lift a woman who had fallen. This woman had fallen more than once. She had already lifted her out of depression, this time it was simply that she had fallen. Bob came, they helped her up. One family member started to inquire why had they not called 911? I could have answered that. Professionalism - protocol- and Suzanne- YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING. Suzanne's motto - just get er done! As a result, Suzanne was banned from this woman for a year, she was fired from the job as well. Her heart was broken. You want to know why? Her main question was, what is this woman going to do? She gets depressed so easily. And sure enough the woman did.

Guess what? Yes, they called her back on the job but this time it was a private arrangement made by the family. Life and its twists. Suzanne would be your get away car especially if the need was great. She has been. I know the man who is forever grateful. I'm still not sure how I feel about that story but guess what - Suzanne could care less. She will do what she feels she needs to do. I love that about my mom.

Her fruit is evident! The amount of women who have profoundly been affected and helped by her and the books she has shared with them are many. I never saw her wondering what she should do! Boredom is not her word. She was never focusing on redecorating, buying clothes, buying furniture, her main focus was people. Thank you mom for this!

She has also been one of the most attentive wives I have ever known. Her and her husband have had so many guests in their home. Doug and I benefitted from this and to this day Doug and I, in our respective homes, have revolving doors as well. Mom fed so many folks and because of that we heard many enriching conversations around the table! Mom, thank you for passing on the gift of hospitality. But I will never come close to your gifting in this area.

You have blessed me above and beyond. I am so thankful that you are my mother! Thank you for helping me to understand the word no. Thank you for helping me love my children in a Suzanne sort of way. Thank you for helping me see my God as the personal Father He desires to be. Thank you for you honesty that has helped me to be just as honest. Thank you for your vulnerability as I have watched it give freedom to others. Thank you for your love of plants. Thank you for loving me, I am a better person because Suzanne Harrington Treichler is my mom!

You know players from the New England Patriots, from the Boston Red Socks,  you have served them. But you never feel the need to talk about it. They are just people and you passed on that gift to me. We are all people who need each other.
I will NEVER win awards at giving physical gifts. But I do love to write and this is my gift to you Suzanne! Mom, we are so different and yet so much alike!

Happy Birthday and may you have at least thirty years more!

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