Thursday, May 12, 2016

Day 132: May 12, 2016 Learning Group

Jesse's Art
May 12, 2016             Learning Group
Day 132

About twenty years ago a group began with seven students and one committed teacher, Helen Hertzler. She read the students, The Trumpet of the Swans, and using the content of the book led these first graders in some enriching activities. My little girl, Robyn, was one of the privileged students. Though none were aware, this was the seed that burst through the ground resulting in a beautiful plant called, The Community Homeschool Learning Group. Helen, Fern, Marla, Terri, Paula, Lynne, Jane, Joanne, Dawn, Bonnie, Marian, Tina, and Virginia, and Becky represent the beat of the group.

This group has classes that are difficult to do on one's own and Art has always been one of the exceptional classes featured at CHSLG. This year we are honored, privileged and humbled by the return of Mrs. Burke.
She loves teaching students and knows how to
lead them through the fundamentals pulling artistic
expression from their eyes through their hands.

At the end of the year's program we feasted our eyes on the students' color and expression ranging from third to eighth grade. The High School art work was missing due to the fact that it is in a gallery on display on Penn Ave. in West Reading. Friday is the opening night, please come.

Here is some of the work from the students from grades third to eight. Artistic expression is part of our blood, our DNA and exceptional teachers such as Mrs. Burke, know how to get it flowing.

The Community Home School Learning Group has served so many families over the years. What a blessing. Thank you, Helen! Thank you!

Jesse wanted to do Cactus....

Jesse's Art

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