Sunday, May 15, 2016

Day 135: May 15, 2016 Robyn

May 15, 2016        Robyn
Day 135

Tonight we celebrated the birth of our first daughter, Robyn, by having a family meal. We went around the table with everyone taking turns telling her of what she meant to them. We honored her as a daughter, a sister, and a wife.

Twenty eight years ago she came into the world at 1:30 pm on a Monday. One nurse, unbeknownst to us continued to monitor Robyn, she was concerned about her breathing. The pediatrician, Dr. Gross, came into our room late that night and with sadness told us we were not able to take our baby home. She needed to be admitted to the NIC Unit. There was a spot on her lungs and at that point it was unclear as to its origin.

Lynn and I spent the night at the hospital while our new daughter spent it in a little plastic doom-like box hooked up to wires, one of which was an IV of antibiotics dripping into her little body. It was determined she had aspirated meconium. She spent the first five days of her life on her back. I would go in and nurse and hold her. She was so new, so little, so vulnerable. (she is crying as she reads this)

Thankfully, on that Friday we were able to drive home with our new, sweet daughter, Robyn Elizabeth Lynne Burkholder. What an amazing individual you are, Bobbie. There is not much you will not try. You love fiercely in your own Robyn way. You are a wonderful wife, loving mother, caring sister and daughter. I love having a daughter like you! I am so proud of who you are!

Robyn, I love you! Thank you for not wavering and always being true to who you are. You are you no matter who you are with. I love that you stand for what you believe. You have never allowed religiosity to take hold and I can not imagine you ever will. Any one you have ever met who has a semblance of religiosity is never are able to stay too long in  your life. You kinda rock their world. Personally, I do not think they can handle your freedom.  I so love that about you, my dear! DO NOT CHANGE! You move mountains!

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