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Day 148: May 28, 2016 Reflections for Caity and Colby

May 28, 2016
Day 148    Reflections for Caity and Colby

I was the bride on a beautiful summer day in 1986 and Lynn was the groom. The mystery of how a little girl from upstate New York and a little boy from the wilds of Northern Ontario can meet and begin to walk towards a union will always and forever intrigue me. Caity and Colby, we are glad that you discovered each other.

This summer we will celebrate our 30th year anniversary. We shake our heads in disbelief. Lynn and I continue to walk over tough and smooth roads but always hand 'n hand and with this view in mind; our relationship is purposeful. We are a living unit that has a call beyond a selfish fest. I would like to share with you some of my reflections and offer hope to the both of you.

Marriage is the best training grounds for your christian walk, the perfect sanctification tool. You, my dears, have just been given the opportunity of your lifetime to grow closer to the ONE who loves you most intimately. This view is going to pull your eyes toward the one who navigates - Jesus, and pull your eyes away from the two of you, simply

The biggest mistake a couple can make is not to view their marriage through a correct lense. Your view of your union is what will determine your fulfillment in marriage. If you are looking for self-fulfillment, you chose the wrong institution. For your union is not to be insular, myopic, self focused or navel gazed. Your union soars past the shakey foundations. You are building a family, and even if it remains Colby and Caity, this is a family. This relationship is going to fast track you to the throne room and school you in prayer. This union is going to entertain, provide meals, day retreats, overnight rests, insights, healing, and more importantly a place to learn more of the Father's love. The world's view of marriage is simply not useful nor helpful. Marriage bursts through that puny door and expands into greater fields. Your union is a vessel, a conduit, a roundabout but never a dead end street.

Does he still feel the same way? Do I still feel the same way? Throw these questions out. The question of the day is this; Am I changing in a way that allows me to be more loving and am I using my gifts well, am I being who I was created to be fully and making my destined mark in this world for the good of the world? Now that's a loaded question! Ask it everyday and work on the answer. And now I am now under own conviction (why do I write these things??)? I must work on that question.

Learn to understand what it means to be Kingdom of light dwellers and in contrast what it means to not be kingdom of darkness dwellers. Though it is subtle it is makes the difference of a lifetime here and "on the other side." It is essential for you to learn the culture of God's Kingdom and not be sucked into the culture that surrounds you.

Gain muscles by swimming upstream against the current of the world's standards. It is easy to float with everyone downstream but it does not end well. The more you swim against the mainstream, the stronger you are and it ends at a beautiful meadow of grace.

Entertain regardless of your home size. Do not miss out on this blessing. There are no limiting factors- size of home, limited budget etc. Your home will breath space and God will supply. Your home will be a refuge for many, a place where they will connect with their true Lover. Do it, you might entertain an angel- I have six. I just went too far.

My only regret is that I wish I would have known Lynn longer. May this be your only regret as well. Blessings, Caity and Colby! May God expand your marriage view into galactic proportions! You have just entered the whirlwind of wonder. Sit back and enjoy....

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