Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Day 138: May 18, 2016 I Respect Children

May 18, 2016      I Respect Children
Day 138

I remember being a child. I remember being an adolescent. I remember being a teenager and this is what provides me with empathy, a heart bursting toward a child. I love children and I am compelled and driven to respect them because I do remember and I remember well. I was shushed, eyes rolled, heads shook back and forth, and I remember being embarrassed when an adult's response did not match my intentions or motives. For in reality there was a lack of intention on my part, I was a child doing something childish, period. There was not much else going on in my brain. I just really loved life! Their negative response often surprised me and rushed me into a self conscious corner full of embarrassment. My heroes were my parents. They delighted in me, respected and gave me a safe place to discuss the disconnects. Bob and Suzanne never embarrassed me in public, NEVER.

I was the child in your face, one of those children that could be annoying if the adult lacked vision. To be fair, the adult in my life really needed vision. I asked you questions, question about what you were doing, what were you going to do, what had you done. I had an imagination that did not stop, thoughts that raged at a pace I could not keep up with and I wanted Barbara Walters job. I would hop in your car and go with you wherever you wanted. I loved visiting. I loved playing outside by myself or with others. I would take personal risks. I would cartwheel into a room, sing and play the piano loud. I was the child in your face.

I offer to that child a place in my home, a mental spot where I listen to them. I appreciate them and give them the respect they are due for each child is a unique representation of the Creator and there is no one else like them. I delight in their thoughts, their heart, their ways and their smiles. In a world of scrutiny I offer them acceptance. 

Children, you give me energy. Hooray to you! You make me smile. 

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