Monday, August 8, 2016

Day 210: August 8, 2016 A Trip Straight out of Heaven

August 8, 2016
Day 210

A Trip Straight out of Heaven

View from Lazy Moose Pond

This past week was truly a gift, not to be taken for granted, nor lightly, and none of us are. We recognize that we did not earn this, deserve this, or warrant this trip. For in reality, we would not be able to touch this place with a ten foot pole if it were left up to us to earn it, deserve it, or warrant it! We simply enjoyed it and are grateful to the owners, Scott and Courtney, for offering it to us for the second year in a row.

Robert L. Treichler

Our Dad gave us a love for water early on in life. We have either been a passenger on a boat, knee boarding (early forms of), tubing, or skiing. Tyler, my handsome nephew is skiing behind his grandfather, the man in charge of the rope.

Theo and Uncle Chris

Theo sees his mommy on the inner tube with his Aunty "Icky" and cousin Jenna. The laughs, the joking, the throwing off, it was almost too much for the mom and Aunty Diane to watch. So we prayed.

Grandpa and Geoff

Geoff let us know that when we thought he was being funny he was just being himself. Welp, then, we were laughing at ya, buddy. He is hilarious and ridiculous and this is his charm.

Geoff pulled down by a snapper...

Wake boarding looks hard. My knee just aches watching them get on top of the water. Nicky has no problem. With her other family, the Sniders, she has done this before. It shows. Tyler is the best at assisting others.
Theo with "Gee" during her early morning quiet time..
My little guy was with me in the early am. Theo slept in our room and brought back wonderful memories. This little boy thrills my heart.

Lynn, Grandma and Sadie
Sadie is like a little dolly. You just want to hold this tiny little girl with a huge personality. Her great grandmother has had some wonderful moments with this little sweetheart. This week was a bonus for their budding relationship.

Grandpa, Theo and Sadie
My father and mother have always been naturals with children. To watch Theo and Sadie snuggle right into my parents is beyond beyond.

Kathryn and Jeffery
We really enjoyed getting to know Kathryn's boyfriend, Jeffery. He is from a family of nine and watching him engage, enlist, and entertain was heartwarming. Besides which he is kind to our daughter -key to her parents!

The pictures are in the hundreds. This week was a blast and we can not wait to do this again! Scott and Courtney, thank you for your generosity!

Chris and Tyler
RJ, Suzanne, Jenna, Diane

Jesse and Tyler
Jenna, Nicky, Chris, Jeffery
Christopher and Jenna

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