Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Day 212: August 10, 2016 Head No Longer in Sand

Christopher Burkholder's Original Oh, Child

August 10, 2016
Day 212

Head No Longer in Sand

Have you heard of Diane Langberg? Or Leslie Vernick? What about Boz Tchividjian? Have you heard of Jeff Crippin? About two years ago I had not even heard one of the above four names. For 52 years I allowed myself to be uneducated for those who suffer. My head was in the sand. This was not according to God's plan, are you kidding? This was not ordained for me to look the other way. Not at all. This was Lynne's plan, the "Ignorance is Bliss" Plan. But God has awakened Rumplestiltskin and life will now never look the same. As a member of the family of God, will you join me?

Lynne: God, this is not fun! I do not want to do this.
God: Let's unpack this a little bit, Lynne. What did you think the word oppressed meant?
Lynne: It is so complicated.
God: Yes, I know. But you are now on the planet, you and your family. It is for you to show them my love, my care, my concern. The Holy Spirit will give you what is needed.
Lynne: I want them to know I am not abused.
God: Why?
Lynne: Well, because.
God: Lynne, when I hung on the tree I was between the two criminals looking like I committed a crime.
Lynne: Oh, God!
God: I am calling you to not only come alongside. I am calling you to get in between. Do not worry I am right there with you.


  1. Oh lynne, i love this bold statement piece. Momentum my friend... momentum. Its here. God's hands are so in this

    1. His hands, His beautiful and loving hands that uphold us and sustain us are definitely are in lifting up the brokenhearted! He is asking me to move with increasing boldness. Not quite there yet but moving in that direction!