Monday, January 26, 2015

Day 21 - Banana Smoothies

January 26, 2015
Day 21

Over-riped bananas peeled, cut, and thrown in the freezer are the main ingredients for banana smoothies. When I gave up gluten and sugar I began to look for alternatives, healthy ones. A smoothie has become a replacement for ice cream. The banana smoothie has seen me through many a restless night.

To add a little something to the soft-ice-cream-like-smoothie we include "snack." This word, coined by Chris and Brendan Burke during their college days, is used to describe a combination of peanut butter, honey and oatmeal. You can only imagine how it sits in your stomach. I plop "snack" into my smoothie and enjoy the chunks reminiscent of the ones I use to mine in my Dairy Queen Blizzard.

Tonight was a special treat. There were finally enough frozen bananas to make enough smoothie solution for all present in the house tonight. This is where it gets rough. Finding ripe bananas is a hunt and not for the weary. They are a hard commodity to come by. Everybody's doing it.

One day Shady had a number of baskets with over-ripe bananas for $1.25. There was an elderly gentleman looking over my shoulder as I was picking which three baskets of  ripe bananas to purchase. I decided to be kind and offered him one of the baskets. As he, ungratefully, pulled it out of my grasp I knew I had just blessed the wrong guy! Such an ungrateful old man.

Frozen bananas in the freezer means good times.
Pray that my attitude gets a smoothing over! It's so chilly.

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