Friday, January 30, 2015

Day 25 - Branching Out

January 30, 3015
Day 25
Happy Birthday Christopher!

Today I was encouraging a student to let words flow. Get it out, for Pete's sake!  So what would it look like if I did that?

Let's see. I am going to branch out.

My day has ended with the students. Geoff and Jesse burst in the door looking to see Theo. Jesse is going on a Winter Weekend Retreat and he wants to spend his last fifteen minutes with his nephew. Geoff needs to be driven to work but that was not clearly communicated to me. Lynn has tried to call many times but always at the wrong time. I was in meetings when he called. As we leave, Lynn calls to tell me I need to pick something up at the Post Office. He did not know Kathyrn was going to Devon to sample coffee. He will send it with her. I have found myself during our many years of marriage rushing to the bank or the post office for things of this nature. I do it. I would be a jerk not to but I recognize the need for more organization and am not sure how to steer the man in the right direction for that.   He has made amazing strides in the right direction but we still need some tweaking. As I am going to take Jesse to meet the buses for the retreat at 3:30 pm., Geoff lets me know that he needs to be at work and that is why he brought Jesse. This must have been what Lynn had been calling about. We have to reconfigure, the time is not on our side. Geoff goes in to  get Kathryn to run him to work. I have mentioned to Geoff and had actually called Kathryn about the need to get to the post office before 4 pm to retrieve the package. I wait in the car to see what the outcome is, will Kathryn take Geoff or will I have to? Geoff and Kathryn walk out the door and somebody does not look happy! Jesse rolls down the window, it is freezing and calls out to Kathryn, "I love you! Hey, I love you!"  He then says to me, "Does she know I am going away for three days." I reply to him, "Probably not." He says to me, "Then that is why she didn't say, I love you back." Oh. I take Jesse to Action parking lot where two school buses are parked and behind them are the trailers for the luggage. Jesse has brought his new drum. Lynn is worried that it will get broken in the shuffle. He has asked me to mention to them that this is fragile. He is not excited about Jesse bringing this. Jesse reminds us that he has a two year warranty on it. Oh. When they are packing it in the trailers I mention to them that they should put it up high and not in a position to get crushed. The boys who are going greet Jesse with a fun attitude. As soon as the luggage is on the trailer Jesse disappears. He is the son who does not say goodbye. The amount of snuggling we do at home he likes to think is on the sly. I could ruin him bringing it up with his friends. He is the only child that I have who is embarrassed by our family affection. (nothing like the Saturday night live skit) I have no idea where he is and so I leave. I am like him. I can separate really well from people. I love being with them but I do not have to say goodbye. This is definitely a learned trait. I bawled when people left me as a child. Maybe it is my defense mechanism. I try not too think to much about my defense mechanisms... Oh, boy, here I go. My mind is now second guessing why I might not like to think about my defense mechanisms.  I could go round and round and round.  As I drive away I think of the friends Jesse has. I am so grateful. What a great bunch of boys and girls! God has provided for every child of mine a set of people they hang with that I approve of. Of course these kids are not perfect but I like their families, I like their persuasions, I like their spirits and they'll work it out. We are all in process. I give children lots and lots of room and consider it criminal to not! I told Jesse I would miss him and he said he was not going to miss me. I hugged him tighter and thanked him. I consider that a job well done!  Tonight we have to deliver coffee to an Opera Event. Funny that. We will deliver it to a nice home in Wyommissing. I could live in one of them. They are so large and so wonderful. I would love for God to test me with money. I think we would handle money well. Lynn wants to go to Colorado to look at a roaster for sale. He just found out he can stay at someone's Condo. It is on a slope. Nice. This is when my mind wanders to the places I do not have but really would like. I will go home after I leave Robyn's to a modest home with lots of things that need to be fixed. Such is life.

There ends my word flow.  I am not editing it. It's raw.

And that folks is why I edit!  You just simply do not have the time for all this flow.  Branching out requires definite pruning! But look, I have stuff to work with and that was my point to our dear student.


  1. Cassie read - said yeah, I know, I get it - so we shall see;-)

    1. She gets it! She gets everything! She's the best! Now do it, MissieMoo!

  2. Replies
    1. I know you do! That's why I am enjoying this writing adventure,getting to know you and the others through your writing! Thank you,though!

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