Friday, January 23, 2015

Day 18 - Nightly Ritual

January 23, 2015
Day 18

There is a human nighttime ritual that I marvel at; losing control over a seven to eight hour period of time. Every night I silently move out of the land of coherency and into a state where control is not to be had. The moment I slip into bed I choose to lose control and embark on another date.

There is not one night, for the past how ever many nights, that I have not slid into a comatose state (only a few all nighters on my record). Instead, I choose to be unaware and unable to make rational decisions. Humans love to be in control yet we humans need to be out of control every night.

This nightly ritual brings with it my dream life. It has been active since I was a little girl. There are definite and significant dreams that I can relay to you, some with their own meanings attached. There is a geography, a culture, a tone that has been established in my dream world evidenced by the reoccurring places that surface. It is my very own dreamland geography. Some of these dreams have the power to unnerve me. Many had the power to change my course of action. Do you think that, along with refueling and adjusting the body to physically maneuver through another day, God knew He needed a time period for dreams to direct and guide?

I have many dream stories I could share but that would diverge from my main point; the oxymoron of sleep for humans. The fact that I allow this nightly ritual marvels me. I lay down every night to a weakened position, willingly. Generals who adeptly plan strategic attacks even have to lay down.

Do you think God designed us this way to confirm to our body that He is ultimately in control? Do you wonder why a good portion of our time is spent comatose, out of control?   Did I lose you there?