Friday, January 16, 2015

Day 11 - 101 Music with Chris

(Photo Credit: ? And I'm sure that is water in his cup....)
January 16, 2015
Day 11

Tonight I am going to Steele City in Phoenixeville to hear some of my son's latest arrangements with a ten member band he has arranged along with some great sounding vocalists. His latest pieces are a combination of jazz/blues/chris/pop; saucy, free flowing but within a definite framework, and kicking percussion. His music always stretches me to new understandings. He will tell you that I am his biggest fan and his biggest critic. I have always been awed at his affinity, his attentiveness, his dedication and passion to music. His understanding of fame and it's vaporous qualities thrill me. He proves this understanding by his love to help others free themselves to sing, write and perform-he is the fan of all his friends who are musicians.

This was a guy from little on had a guitar in his hand. Music 101 with Chris is what I called our drive sessions. "Mom, can you hear that rift? Cool, Right?" To force him to listen to christian music when I could hardly bear it was, well, not right. I have worshiped to Billy Joel's music. Note, not Billy Joe. We tried, he and I. We went to a local bookstore and listened to all the music just to see if there was something that could replace the Led Zepelin music on his IPOD for his upcoming trip to Canada. We both knew it was inevitable, it was going to have to be Led Zepelin. Hopefully the Mennonite boys and their mothers would understand.

The words he sang with TAPPER, his high school band, were less than desirable, though in high school they were sung till I was blue in the face. But Lynn and I were uncomfortable with a high measure of censorship. Lord, you will protect him, right? Chris was not asked to play for a local church's youth group because the leader did not feel good about the music Chris played. The "LOOK" we decided was not what we were going for, we desired his heart. So we let him play the music with words that today he feels uncomfortable singing. God, you did answer our prayer.

In college we watched him develop his jazz voice. He began to be introduced as the young Frank Sinatra. Yikes, his sisters and I would sit in the crowd drooling, let me tell you, this did not impress him! The entertainment this kid has provided us with his music, let alone his entire family, rivals any concert, television show, or movie. Yes, I am biased. It is such pleasure to listen to this son. 

I have learned so much about music from Chris and continue to do so. I love his willingness to listen to what "Momma" has to say about some of his songs. His christmas present to me is something I am looking forward to with alacrity! February 14, yes, Valentine's Day! he is taking me to Manhattan to dine and then to a Gregory Porter concert;dreamy. I can not even begin to use words to describe my excitement, anticipation, and thrill. 

Tonight, though, we will hop in the car and go forty minutes down the road to listen to good tunes. The Groove Merchants are playing first and I am equally as excited to listen to these college graduates filling the air with groove tunes above and beyond. For someone who never listens to the radio but adores and loves music, especially live, tonight is pure enjoyment.


  1. Sounds awesome! My vocal journey is similar to his. I struggled walking the fence between the good Christian girl I was supposed to be (even before I actually became a believer), and the bluesy music I loved to sing. No hymns in the juke joint! ;-)

  2. So glad you did not lose heart and waited patiently for God . What a wonderful, talented young man Chris is. Led Zepelin is Ok ? Even Miley Cyrus?

  3. Your patience in waiting for his heart is inspiring. We are doing the same here and patience is not my thing.

    And what about a Twin Valley Coffeehouse for playing tunes?

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