Thursday, January 15, 2015

Day 10 - Good Morning 3 AM

(Photo Credit: Self and Lynn will mention the distracting light beam off of the top of my head. However, maybe it is fitting.)
January 15, 2015
Day 10

Three a.m. and I find myself awake. So, why not get up? There are things I can check off the list, might as well use my time wisely. Students will arrive at 7:30 a.m. and there are still some things that need to be accomplished. I might as well pull together a blog post. Day ten is early enough in the 365 Day Writing Challenge so there are lots of words at the front door ready to leave. I can also read the other's posts who are writing to the challenge, this gives me such pleasure. I can mull over the assignment from the Tuesday night bible study, John 9. The list continues.

Yes, I will grow weary at 4 pm but by that time the students will have left, I will probably have enough of a dinner idea to pull together and I can sit on the red couch pulled close to the coal stove and snooze. I am already looking forward to it. However, now, I am wide awake click clacking away.

It is a hopeful dark outside. I marvel at the movement of the day into night, the night into day. This consistent mystery is probably what I love most about waking up at 3 am. I am going to be witness to the miracle, again.

His mercies are new every morning and yes He is faithful and it is great!


  1. Inspiring but no 3:00 Am for me please...I am just to lazy to venture out of my warm bed even when sleep is not to be had.

  2. And I thought you woke up at 3:00 just to chat with me.

  3. While you wake at 3 am and write, I was still up a mere hour before that from the day before. :-) How different 3 looks from the two different ends, LOL!