Saturday, January 31, 2015

Day 26 - He is Home

January 31, 2015
Day 26

The morning has arrived, early morning. Tonight was a relaxing evening spent in front of a blazing coal stove; Nicole, Lynn and I. We read, we ate and we napped. Nicole and her father wearied up to bed. Fergie followed them, too tired to go outside and pee. He hears the howling wind, he is no dummy.

British Blend tea coursed through my blood stream and quickened my senses. Geoff was still out with friends having gone to a play in Lancaster. I was not going to bed until that boy came home. The howling winds, the drifting snow, the black ice all demanded prayer. The theorized calls, the visions of an accident, the listening to a car pull up, "oh, here he is, oh, no he's not" hounded me, kept me awake.

Geoff rushed through the doors at 1: 15 am.  "Sorry mom, we stopped for coffee." The sight of him threw any stern comments to the far corner of my mind.  What a beautiful boy he is. How wonderful to be able to go to sleep and know all is safe.

The problem with six children is the accounting for. The sirens run and your heart stops especially if if a family member has just left the home. The call goes out. "I'm fine" is all I, or any of us, need or want to hear. Most times we do not even say goodbye, we just hang up and sigh. With relief.

I do an accounting for every night. I thank God for life. I praise Him for His mercies. I do know where my children are, even my beloved married ones; Robyn and RJ. I even know where my grandson is, he is snuggied up to his mommy.

Staying up is not the norm for me, at least not this late into early. But every once
in a while I am up and in this early morning hour at 2 am there are no regrets. He is a beautiful boy.

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