Monday, January 19, 2015

Day 14 - Gregory Porter

January 19
Day 14

Percussive soul music is what races through my blood. From birth to fifty-two the question has always been; how am I Caucasian? I always clap differently, feel the off beat powerfully, and can never listen to music or to a sermon without moving or grunting. I sometimes feel I am with the living dead, for peter's sake!

So, when Chris gave me a Gregory Porter CD, well! Only to tell me I am going to see him! Gots to be kidding? Manhattan? Pinch me!

So, here is a link. Folks, I have not checked him out thoroughly, so you are on your own. Judge on, if you must. But music brings me places even when the creator of the melody was not glorifying God. I am a user of good music, a recycler, if you will,  and I offer it to the Lord!

I have given you a link to hear the dude. Enjoy.