Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Day 23 - Clay Pot

January 28, 2015
Day 23

She's a brick house! or a clay pot. Whichever metaphor is used, it is not flattering.  A clay pot, God? That is what you think of me?  Ok, I get it.  I can work with that, oh wait, that's right, it is not work. It is a belief. I am to believe.

A clay pot does not move. A clay pot is. What does a clay pot "do?" Nothing. Unless it is moved or filled, a clay pot waits until moved upon. Are you thinking what I am thinking? Inertia, right? Well, maybe that is not what you are thinking, but I do know that a clay pot ain't moving unless someone moves it.

I should be doing this and that. I should be going here and there. I should be talking to this person and that person. I lament at the list. I should be doing, doing, doing. Imagine a clay pot moving without someone moving it? Horror story.....possession......I'm out!

I have sat in front of many a pastor laying a guilt trip. Gotta- do, Gotta- be, botta- bing! And it is because they do not get this clay pot analogy. A clay pot rests, energy is acted upon the resting thing. A clay pot moves when moved. A clay pot is filled by the filler.

You know why we have such trouble with this metaphor? Pride. We want to refer to our energy level, our keen insight, our ability to lead, our understanding of what exactly was needed.

This relationship we have with Jesus is so devoid of religion it really grates on us. Rest? Who us? Maybe when we are finished with our "ministry" list for Jesus. But honestly, Rest?


  1. SO it's ok to be a non moving clay pot? :)

  2. it's the only way to be........a moved clay pot

  3. I want to be a red clay pot. With leopard print around the rim. But mostly, I just want to be filled with the Holy Spirit, no matter the paint job.

  4. I listened to a woman describe how the potter has to fire the pot over and over to get the impurities out. Or maybe that was just my pot.