Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Day 2 - Writing Well

January 7, 2015
Day 2

Writing and singing, I believe, are to everyone like having a mouth and having hands. American Idol, in a profound way, helped me to see this in light of singing. Everyone came out of the woodwork to audition and most of them had decent sounding voices. The world watched and voted.  I never did. By the time the voting was over I would have just figured out the beginning steps of voting- locating my misplaced phone (note to family I've never LOST a phone).

We all know everyone wants to be a writer. The amazing thing is that with both writing and singing there is no need for delay. They are accessible to us instantly. I want to learn to play the clarinet. What is keeping me from learning to play the clarinet today? I do not have a clarinet. I need to find cellos for both Nicky Sue, my thirteen year old, and Jesse, the eleven year old boy. This is a big deterrent to my clarinet career.

However, there is nothing keeping me from writing and singing. I have hands, a pencil and paper and I have a mouth and vocal chords ready to go. Likewise, there is always fragments of time to be had, never believe the person who says there isn't enough time in a day, they're messing with the Big Guy's time frame.

The world began with The Voice using His Words. The sound waves were profound. They created and begetted matter over and over again and again. The kicker is, He created everything out of nothing. You know He was singing. (to my scientific friends: this is my generalization and I so appreciate your science you put to my generalizations-I'm just not smart enough but I know enough to appreciate)

I am suppose to sing (some of my friends are already taking issue with me here, let me clarify, it might not be recordable but you know that when you sing alone you get pleasure from the experience) and I am suppose to write. This is what humans were created to do. Thank you, my fellow friends, humans, for your encouragement. We are to be encouragers and these two innate and very personal human endeavors-singing and writing, need much encouragement.

Feel free to comment in an editing sort of way, so many of you are excellent writers and I could use the assistance. Is there a comma I am missing? Should a sentence be rearranged? Should I use another word? How can I make you taste, hear, smell, feel, and see my thoughts behind my words?


  1. My sister gave me a wonderful book for Christmas: The Sense of Style by Steven Pinker. Subtitle: The thinking person's guide to writing in the 21st century.It takes a look at the "Commandments" of other style books and explains what they really mean, and how to break them while getting across what you really want to say in the way the reader will understand. I think you would enjoy it, and learn something new about craft too. Keep up the writing!!!

  2. Thank you Lisa for that book recommendation! You are one big encourager. I really do miss you!