Saturday, January 17, 2015

Day 12 - Computer Dependent

January 17, 2015
Day 12

"Kathryn, where is my computer?" I ask.
"Mom, do you need it? Are you ok without it?
I am in Harrisburg. I was going to drop it off but
then I realized I needed it. Is that Ok, mom?"

She is clearly not reading my blog posts.
I thought she would have seen something by now with my shameless postings.
I have things to write. Things to consider. Things to post. I use my computer everyday.

Oh well, you can't ask for much. And I don't.

So, I am using my husband's laptop. And the first thing I wanted to do with his computer was read my fellow 365 challengers' posts. During the day this activity is anticipated with alacrity. I am challenged and encouraged by their writing. But, Kathryn wouldn't know this and hence my computer is in Harrisburg.

Lesson for the day: Never take yourself too seriously. Your kids never do.