Sunday, January 25, 2015

Day 20 - Sundays

January 25,
Day 20

I never know how a Sunday is going to look or feel. That is the fun of it. This house on Route 23 is full of surprises, and I love it! Today it was spent with Dylan and Kathryn playing Dutch Blitz and Pit. Dylan has never played Dutch Blitz before. What a trooper he was playing with three out of four Burkholder women. There is nothing quiet or passive about us, we are loud and obnoxious. And I found out that there is nothing quiet about him either. It is just that he does not even come close to our yelling; he's a hummer and mumbler.

Geoff, Jesse, and Lynn joined the three of us to play PIT. This escalated towards decibels hard to handle. It was hardcore fun. We then took time to visit Grandpa and Grandma Burkholder and there Robyn met us with Theo. When we arrived back home, Chris had returned from Reading and after Theo had his supper and bath (in our kitchen sink) we all sat around the table with sautéed-in-butter leftovers. Life can not get any better than buttered mush.

We ended our night with Settlers of Caton, a game hard to commit to but fun once invested. I begged for mercy as my heavy lids were losing the battle. Geoff was gracious, he "owns" this game. We agreed to play tomorrow in light of the forecasted snow day.

I do not take my life for granted. Thank you God for the blessing of this day. Thank you for the children you have allowed me to be part of and thank you for the family that lives in this home on Route 23. This Sunday had a great look and feel to it.

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