Saturday, January 10, 2015

Day 5 - Saturday's To Do List

(Photo Credits: No Idea, but it is my ultimate favorite picture)

Saturday January 10, 2015
Day 5

To Do List:
~At least skim the newspaper
~Organize the refrigerator
~Correct students' work
~Contemplate what individual work to give to students
~Work on lesson plans for Tuesday and Thursday
~Prepare for the discussion, planned on Friday with Wider High School students, on whether or not being "connected" in this day and age is a good thing or a bad thing
~Read chapter 3 in the book "On Being a Servant of God"
for the Deacon meeting
~Decide what to wear to the outdoor wedding today
~Prepare a wedding card for the outdoor wedding
~Did I mention outdoor wedding today
~The temperature currently is 14 degrees Fahrenheit
~Clean up the school room
~Organize and fold the laundry
~Read more Peter Pan
~Pray for Michael Kaucher experiencing chest pains in the ER
~Wonder about life
~Enjoy the sharp sun on the white snow
~Clean up the TV/Library/Lynn's office
~Do not fret about the disarray of the TV/Library/Lynn's office room
~Enjoy my To Do List
~Appreciate my health
~Thank God from whom all blessings flow
~Be open for the cold, visible breath conversations at the outdoor wedding
~Be open for the items on my To Do List to either shift, change, or be deleted
~Try to squeeze in a relaxed visit at Terri's homestead before the outdoor wedding (14 degrees Fahrenheit)
~Decide what to do with Jesse while at the outdoor wedding-should have prepared for that sooner
~Pray for Eric and Tess (soon to be) Weaver that their desire to be led by the Holy Spirit to wherever and whatever will never wan but wax.
~Pray for my children
~Go to be bed fretless tonight


  1. LOVE your list ! You always bring a smile to my face and warmth to my heart :)
    Keep writing