Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Day 16 - Shopping

January 21, 2015
Day 16

Today I was at Shady Maple grocery store. This store is laid out like a jigsaw puzzle with some of the pieces missing. I have always enjoyed grocery shopping period. But I really love grocery shopping at this place. The fact that Good's is smack dab next to it is the icing on the cake. To walk the aisles of both stores is time travel for me. I feel like I am in a Dick and Jane reader. This area delights me everyday, no joke and Shady Maple has played a big role in my enjoyment of this area.

To think it started as a road side stand seems legendary and somewhat shady all at the same time, c'mon, really?! I have watched some of the metamorphous of this store but definitely not at the time of its inception. I ask this question a lot; how did this man do it?

When I go to this store, I anticipate the vegetable deals. I loved the fact that they use to have for sale Children's Golden books near the meat section. I purchased from Shady a lot of fairytales retold by a husband and wife duo. I enjoyed this couple's remake of stories such as Goldilocks and Henny Penny. I relish in their choices of cheese.  Their tea isle has always called to me and I often go home with a pretty tin. I met Harney and Sons here, I have to exercise moderation in how many tins my kitchen can hold.

I secretly enjoy the time spent between the taking of a number at the different meat sections and the ordering of exactly what I want. When it is blueberry season I can not wait to get two or three beautiful cardboard boxes of blueberries. Shady Maple introduced me to Chicken B-Q sales, who knew?!                                                                                                                                                

To some, shopping is a mundane part of life, but to me it is a moment to enjoy, to anticipate.
I was telling this to Nicole the other day on our way home from Shady.
Her flat response, "It's cause you don't shop much."