Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Day 15 - Little Girls Sometimes Know

January 20, 2015
Day 15

There was a little girl who scavenged extra worksheets from school. She would hand them out to her students sitting silently around the dining room table. She had many lectures and scoldings for them. It really gave her delight to carryon in such a manner. She loved the feel of papers, passing them out, collecting them, grading them, passing them out again to the students who never spoke. She did this time and time again. She loved teaching to those students. They paid attention to everything she had to say.This little girl loved to copy words, mindlessly, almost as if she had some kind of "special need." Busy work to her was happy work.

A blackboard meant hardcore playtime. It was endless what she could do on one of those things. Today she is living her dream. As she writes on the whiteboard, hands out papers, and speaks with the students sitting around tables she thinks she is in heaven. A snow day is a sad day. There is one big difference and for this she is surprisingly grateful. These students do talk back!  She is living her dream at her dream job!

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