Friday, December 4, 2015

Day 332 Christmas Series: The Waiter

December 4, 2015
Day 332

You sit and you hear every single conversation dripping with plans, excitement, and expectations. Moving to another booth solves nothing. Conversations seem to overflow into your space. You do love all things beautiful, maybe not just now. Your imagination sees the intentional families surrounding lit Christmas trees tucked away in lovely corners lit by lights from the tree and warm flames from the fire. You can still imagine, and you do it well.

The local diner serves lunch and you are hungry. Today, the quaint decorations this town deems worthy for their trees and poles bring painful memories more than can fit into your lonely diner booth. The others in the joint have no idea what you are chewing on beyond your small, green circled, diner plate. No idea.

He no longer chooses to care for you as he promised on that gorgeous summer day. Your plans, excitement and expectations were beyond the flower arrangements and wedding details of that sun lit afternoon. Now the booth is full of you and thoughts of him. You eat your lunch alone at the local diner. The vows did not mention this moment.

You are no longer hungry. Your mind has paid no attention to the scraggly salad and tuna melt you have put in your mouth. Christmas will be different this year. You wonder if bumping down the tree farm's lane to bring back a humble tree is more than you can handle. But maybe, that lane has more than trees. You are just going to see where your car takes you.

To the reader-there is someone at the diner, sitting alone. Would you take time, between bites, to pay attention to those behind, before and around you? They might be alone for introvert's sake but they might also be more alone than they had ever intended. Would you, internally in your heart, lift them up to the Waiter who served them to you? Thanks.

He waits on all the tables.

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