Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Day 359 Mission Accomplished

December 30, 2015
Day 359

Soldier #1: Hey, What's the commander doing?
Soldier #2: He's winning the War.
Soldier #1: Wait! He needs us. Let's go.
Soldier #2: He said He doesn't. 
Soldier #1: What do you mean????!!!!!??
Soldier #2: He told us He is the only one who knows how to win the War.

Commander: Done. Finished. Now you can win the battles.
Soldier #1: Isn't this out of order?
Commander: Not with me. Mission Accomplished. War Won. Now you are free to win every battle.
Commander: Are you ready to fight? The victory equipped you good.
Soldier #1: Uh, what are we fighting?
Commander: Battles. Life is a battle. 
Commander: Ready to be armed?

Soldier #1: Yea! I'm ready to fight! 
Soldier #2: Commander, We are ready for 
orders. We are ready to be armed!
Commander: Ok, men and women, Go directly to your prayer closets.
Soldier #1: Excuse me????!!
Soldier #2: Don't you mean the streets?!
Commander: No, Prayer closets. This is covert, special ops. Have you not read your manual?
Commander: Go! Smear your hands with love!

Mobilization is the process of assembling and organizing troops, materiel, and equipment for active military service in time of war or national emergency. As such, it brings together the military and civilian sectors of society to harness the total power of the nation. It is the mechanism that facilitates the successful prosecution of any conflict. (

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