Friday, December 25, 2015

Day 354 "Set Us Free"

December 25, 2015
Day 354

The following is my son, Christopher's, original composition, paired with video clips, of my newborn granddaughter, Sadie Lynne Saunders. Kathryn, a wonderful videographer, created an amazing video of the early moments with our sweet newest addition to the clan. And of course Robyn and RJ are fabulous parents of this little sweet thing!

I adore this piece of music, "Set Us Free." It is hauntingly beautiful and carries me to a place of wonder.  I adore this precious little one as she is a gift from God and I can already feel the bond between her and I.

The title, "Set Us Free" pulls me into the wonder of what God did to be with us. He has indeed set us free but why would He come as a baby and not a king? Why would He allow humans to raise Him? Why would he not establish an earthly kingdom while he was here and choose to die a shameful death? HE DOES NOT SHAME BUT HE TOOK OUR SHAME. Please if you remember nothing, remember this! HE DOES NOT SHAME BUT HE TOOK OUR SHAME.

Ponder these questions and may they lead you to the King. And may we walk in love as we learn how He loved us so. Oh!

"Set us Free" Christoper Michael Lynn - subscribe to his Youtube channel -

Kathryn Burkholder- Wedding/Event/Business Videographer
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