Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Day 336 Christmas Series: Nothing Special Evident

December 8, 2015
Day 336

In the nursery on the Maternity ward there is this tiny nondescript infant. There does not seem to be anything special about this little guy. He is crying, sighing, pooping, and peeing just like the other infants in their little plastic beds. He traded in his specialness for a time and there doesn't seem to be anything unique about him now. His parents are given dreams for direction. They are led. He is not communicating anything to them except for his bodily needs. This just feels like too much humanness is going on.

The fact that he is God is not evident though he created every single infant in the nursery and beyond. He created their mothers, their fathers, their grandfathers, grandmothers, the nurses, the doctors. He also provided all the knowledge to the entire ward, let alone universe. So, what happened? Why has he ended up in a little plastic bed? ( I know, I know, I'm taking liberties here - bear with me)

The vulnerability of Jesus rubs me the wrong way. And Jesus was in need for a very long time. This move leaks weak. Our worship of the Type A individual is not fueled by this "Away in a Manger" mush. It always makes us want to do, do, do, do, do to make up for his laying around, his moving only when his mother moved him, his inability to even utter words, his willingness to be human.

There are three men from the East following a star. They carry significant gifts. But there is no noticeable"God" distinction emanating from this little face once they find him under the galactic light. If his glory would have been evident the hordes would have accumulated in droves around him. I'm convinced these three men were confused by finding a typical little toddler. But confusion did not keep them from giving gifts and worshipping Him. This little person is just so normal, his God-ness is not seen. But that did not keep them from experiencing His Deity. Though their understanding was challenged by the reality, they worshipped still. Brilliance was bowing to a toddler.

Can you and I experience Jesus despite what we see? For His sake let's bow.

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