Saturday, December 5, 2015

Day 333 Christmas Series: Smelly Stable

December 5, 2015
Day 333

There is a magical sense that pulls and drags you to one particular day of the year. Though the moon waxes and wans, the pull never does. Christmas day is full on anticipation with intense emotions, years of nostalgia, a multitude of memories overflowing the stockings and all out expectation tipping the richter scale. Soldiers, hospital patients, college students, business men and women all over the world push to get home for this one day. The plays, the books, the movies, the poems that describe and portray this day are in the millions.

But how did this day with a simple, dirty, dusty, smelly bed holding the wonder of all, become such a holiday as this. This day that went unnoticed is now all up in your grill. The day grabs and demands attention. You will notice Christmas whether you want to or not! But this is not how Christ operates. He revealed Himself to you. This is often what goes unnoticed.

John Cupo and  his grandbabby

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