Saturday, December 26, 2015

Day 355 Consider

December 26, 2015


Consider God.
Consider Jesus.
Consider His Spirit.
Consider who we are.
Consider who we are not.
Consider who we are in Christ.
Consider who we are not in Christ.
Consider what Christ has done for us.
Consider what Christ's love means for us.
Consider how Christ's love has impacted us.
Consider how Christ would have us love one another.
Consider how Christ died so that we can be true repenters.
Consider how Christ died so that, today, we can be true forgivers.
Consider what Christ asks of us today -  all He asks is that we rest in Him.
Consider the peace that Christ created with the shameful, painful death on the cross.
Consider others. Remember there is no limited atonement, their sins have been forgiven.
We are free to love.
We are free to love.
We are free to love.
We are free to love.

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