Sunday, December 20, 2015

Day 348 Christmas Series: Our Wonderful Living Christmas Present

December 20, 2015
Day 348

Tomorrow, a little girl will be brought into the world. She has been cared for, loved, and desired. Already she enters with more going for her than so many other little girls being born tomorrow. Tonight her mom and dad are preparing for her arrival. Her older brother would prepare if he knew what was happening. Little does he know that this is the last night he will fall asleep as the only child. Monday night he sleeps as an older brother. The devoted little dude will take his role seriously, it is just his way.

Much will be expected from this little infant due to how much has already been given. She will meet her mommy, tomorrow, chest to chest and face to face. She will also see her daddy. And from there on out she will meet more and more and more of us. Two aunts and three uncles are just waiting, not so patiently, for her arrival. This girl will be well loved.

This little girl's life represents one of a kind, like no other. She will come with a package that we pray she opens fully while on this planet. There is a mark, on this world, that only this little girl has been assigned. We pray she accomplishes it while walking with her Maker