Saturday, December 12, 2015

Day 340 Christmas Series: Female First

December 12, 2015
Day 340

A female, not a male, was the first one in contact with Jesus. It was not even an option for any male to carry out this task, not even within the realm of possibilities. The female, also, was probably a teenager. She had no option but to be intimately involved with him. For He was in her womb. In fact, she nourished him, she protected Him, she pained him into life. She was the first to talk with Him. And she was the first to listen to Him create sounds. Mary, a female, was the first in line. She was ushered up to the head, to the banqueting table.

She was not asked, she was told. This was going to happen. There was nothing that she did to make it happen. There was nothing she could do to make it stop. She was assigned the most important task, housing and sustaining the King of Kings inside a female's womb. She had no idea, ever, that she was going to give birth to the Messiah. No idea. Isaiah prophesying about her? You must be kidding. Smack dab in the midst of wedding plans, oops, you are pregnant with someone else's child. This was not her plan.

Mary: But I'm a woman.
God: Correct.
Mary: But you are God.
God: Correct.
Mary: Inside of me?
God: Correct.
Mary: But...
God: But what?
Mary: I will.
God: That's my girl.

This begs the question - who began marginalizing women in ministry? And while I'm at it, I will ask another one, when does following God ever look like it makes sense?