Friday, December 11, 2015

Day 339 Christmas Series: Burkholder Brand

December 11, 2015
Day 339

For me, Christmas day has a particular feel. The streets are emptier, the sky is often gray beautiful and full of character, the radio station plays music that makes you feel as if you are in front of a big open fire, the shops are closed, there is mirth in the air, and everyone seems a little kinder. This is truly a day of pause.

We wake up and we just know the day is different for the night before is enchanted. We have created a christmas that is stamped: Burkholder. Even though I have bahumbug tendencies, I am grateful for the guidance I have received from the ONE. If I were alone I probably would not be decorating, the gift giving would be minimal to non existent, and I would not attend parties. But I have children and their very existence has given me reason to push past my slumpy status quo. They lead me to life. On. This. Planet.

Our morning never starts early. I am up by 6:30 am but, the children sleep in. I work in the kitchen, alone, loving the smells of the food and contemplating His human birth. These moments glisten with pretty, sparkly, tinsel. I enjoy setting the table with pretty things, lighting the candles and eating a leisurely breakfast of cinnamon rolls, quiches, fruit and bacon. I enjoy for there is much to enjoy.

We send the younger ones, though don't tell the older ones that they are included this year, on the yearly treasure hunt. They are given photo clues that finally lead them to their christmas money. I am a terrible shopper, I talk myself out of everything, and so I decided years ago to give the children money. They know what they want. But, we decided to turn it into a treasure hunt. The memories add to our christmas brand.

During Thanksgiving we exchange names and this begins the multitudinous discussions of gifts. Only recently did we learn of Kathryn's deception. She rigged the names in order to get her father every year. Lynn is the best gift-giver! She is no longer in charge. The honest one is at the helm - Nicole. (right??? Nicky Sue)

This day drips with memories we have crafted and created over almost thirty years. There is a definite brand and feel to our Burkholder time.
And we end the day with family in Fleetwood.
It is well with my bahhumbug soul. Children
and the ONE who came will do that.

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