Sunday, December 13, 2015

Day 341 Christmas Series: Light Reading

December 13, 2015
Day 341

To just keep things real with a bit of light Christmas reading, I traveled home with two books from the library- The Crime and the Silence by Anna Bikont and ISIS Exposed:Beheadings, Slavery, and the Hellish Reality of Radical Islam by Erik Staklebek.  I am one third of the way through The Crime and the Silence whereby a journalist recounts the atrocities from 1941 in Poland within the towns of Jedwabne and nearby Radzilow. This was a dark time in which people, like you and I, unleashed hate.

Last evening, as I and my family walked around IKEA, all I could think of was the burning of the wooden frame housing 1600 Jews. The screaming could be heard for three miles. S I X T E E N   H U N D R E D individuals; babies, toddlers, children, mommas, poppas, grandfathers and grandmothers were burning in a very small barn.

This was a shameful day for these polish people. What made it worse was the coverup. The polish folks blamed it on the Germans. When in reality it was they who rounded up the Jews and threw them in the barn.

How can a town become so polarized? How can individuals turn on their neighbors? How can it get to a point of hate? This disturbs. Walking through the maze of goods in IKEA, looking at all the various shapes, sizes and colors of the individuals I passed, I had to think, this could
happen again. And I thought some more.
It is happening! All over the world in various forms -
there is crime committed in silence.

I have yet to dig into the ISIS book but there I
will also find the same thing; humans hating humans,
giving no room for grace or mercy. And you have to
ask - He came for this? That baby came for this?
And the clear, gospel answer from the heavens, the seas,
the earth, and the animals is a resounding and glorious,
Yes. He absolutely came for this. He came for you and me.

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